Ask me anything   JSOKO. 24. San Francisco. This is both my photo diary and my portfolio, but mostly photo diary. I shoot analog and digital. For film I use a Canon Rebel g for digital I use a Canon Rebel T2i. I primarily shoot culture, style, art & documentary photography.

im a bloody food photog 

— 1 week ago

SF State’s Pride Prom

— 1 month ago
my two boys <3

my two boys <3

— 2 months ago

me & bae had a Polaroid film sesh foreplay photoshoot. My hommage to bettie page

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my third olympus stylus epic camera test roll…(i have terrible luck with those cameras)

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had a camera malfunction on NYers only pictures I got and the layered one was an accident !! so sad bc my boo looks so cute in there!¬†

— 3 months ago
cats &amp; wonder woman

cats & wonder woman

— 4 months ago